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About BruxZirTM

BruxZirTM Solid Zirconia is made from virtually unbreakable, biocompatible medical-grade zirconia-the same element used to make bulletproof military armor. Because BruxZirTM has no porcelain overlay, it is more resistant to chipping, cracking or breaking in the mouth. This makes BruxZirTM ideal for bruxers and grinders, who have broken their natural teeth or porcelain restorations in the past.

Dentists have long relied on porcelain metal crowns & bridges for long-term durability and strength but with the introduction of BruxZirTM, an equally strong solution is now available.

Prescribe BruxZirTM

  • Ideal for all types of posterior restoration including implants
  • Ideal for bruxers who have destroyed natural teeth or previous dental restorations.
  • Conservatively prepare as thin as 0.5 mm with feather edge margins, much like you would do full metal preps.


Scientific validation

BruxZirTM Solid Zirconia crowns & bridges are made from the highest quality zir­conia powder from Japan. We chemically and physically reprocess the pow­der to further reduce the zirconia particle sizes. BruxZirTM milling blanks are then created through a unique patent-pending process. Unlike conventional high-pressure milling blank manufacture, our processing gives BruxZirTM improved light transmission, which provides a lower, more natural shade value.

Wear Compatibility

In a recent study1 to measure the volumetric loss of enamel, glazed BruxZirTM was found to wear compatible with enamel and virtually identical to glazed IPS e.max.

1. Wear of Enamel on Polished and Glazed Zirconia: Shah S, Michelson C, Beck P, et al. 2010; Washington, DC: AADR. Abstract #129615.

Antagonist Wear Study

The antagonistic (Steatite balls) wear shows BruxZirTM only with 72±21 microns, which is significantly lower than Ceramco®3 (110±48 microns). The University of Tübingen study was run using an eight chamber Willytec Chewing Simulator at 1.2 million cycles.

High Flexural Strength

The BruxZirTM has high strength of 1465 Mpa & is extremely resistant to chipping.

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